Saturday, 25 May 2013

Learn English in Miami

Are you part of the steadily growing Spanish community here in Miami?  If you are, and you are hoping eventually to become an American citizen, one of the first things to consider is your mastery of the English language.  You have to be able prove that you can speak English in order to become a United State citizen.  America is the world’s melting pot, and for it to communicate within itself, it needs to have a common language.  That common language chosen years ago was English.  Even though there are many dialects of that language throughout the very large United States, everyone can understand each other, and we all have the same basic understanding of what we as a nation stand for.

There are plenty of places to learn English in Miami.  Some are free, some private single tutorage and some classes.  Children learn very quickly usually, mostly because they go to school and all public schools teach English as a first language.  This is important to note if you have young children and you have just arrived in the country.  You need to work with the school to get your children extra help if required, so that they do not become lost and be left behind in their work.

For adults it is a bit more difficult.  If you cannot speak the language, then you chances of a good job outside of the Latino community are slim.  We have seen many well educated people working as chambermaids because they cannot speak English well enough to get a job in a bank or hospital or in some other chosen field.  If you have to get that low paid job to start, do not get down on yourself.  Apply yourself strenuously to learn English because the faster you can get the language down, the faster you can move up the ladder again.
Miami Dade County College has a number of courses where you can learn English in Miami, and some of these are even offered free of charge.  Take advantage of anything you can.  Practice with your children.  Make a point of speaking English at home every Thursday night, or some other planned time, and stick to it.  Get a dictionary and study it because, often it is the vocabulary that lets you down in business, so learn the business vocabulary for your particular area of expertise.  Most important practice, practice, practice, because practice makes perfect.

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